What is the grading system for your refurbished products? 
Grade A : like new condition no visible scratches may show light signs of use.
Grade C : great condition with some very light scratches may show medium signs of use.
Grade X : good condition with visible / deep scratches or some blemishes may show heavy signs of use.

Q. My company is outside of the U.S. What about international shipping? 
 We will ship only direct to your freight forwarder located within United States, most likely in ports such as New York, Miami or Los Angeles. We don’t directly ship anything outside of US unless it is smaller than 30 pounds and will measure to fit shipping guidelines of USPS EMS service.

Q. How much do you charge for shipping?
 If you place an order larger than five units, the ground shipping is free and includes free insurance.

Q. What are your shipping options? 
 We provide service with FedEx, USPS or UPS and use all available services from them.

Q. What are your payment options? 
 All wholesale orders require to be paid by bank wire transfer (domestic or international). We also accept credit cards, but we require a surcharge of 3% due to low margins we operate under.

Q. What is the minimum order to be able to buy wholesale? 
 We suggest no less than five units, but we have no minimum established especially for first time buyers that want to try our product or request a sample.

Q. How do you handle your warranty on refurbished or new units? 
 We have 90 days warranty on all factory or third party refurbished units and 1 year warranty on all new units from the invoice date, no exceptions. You will need a verbal or written approval and an RMA # prior of returning the defective unit. Some units might take up to 3 to 4 weeks to exchange or to fix so we advise customers to be patient in that process. Any accidental damages will not be fixed or repaired and will be returned back to the sender postage prepaid.

Q. What does ‘Refurbished’ really mean? 
 The quality Refurbished products you’ll find at Extreme Liquidation come to us for a variety of reasons. Some are discontinued products in perfect working condition, others are excess new products – surplus units that are still new. We also sell products with cosmetic blemishes, duplicate orders, canceled orders and computers that have been returned because they didn’t meet a customer’s specific needs.

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