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Chess Titans
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Chess Titans, one of the most popular chess sets of users of Windows XP, Vista, is not available until now in Windows 8 to download! Virtual chess fans have managed to create an unofficial version of the Titans Chess for Win 8 Final, you can return to this classic for free!

(Function (){(“review-app-page-desktop”);}) Titans do not have geƤndertDie Windows 8 version of chess titans is a classic adaptation. On board, knights move in the style “L” and someone is tired you are a chess startup? Cheng Chess is focused on helping new people.You will always know exactly where you are moving. You also have a lot of difficulty levels. Do you think that bean stars will treat you? You can release other ClassicsCreate options Windows games like solitaire, mortar or heart. All of them are tuned forWindows 8.

Chess will be good for you. Chess Titans is a nice picture of chess thanks to 3D graphics. Regular cameras simulates what you will see if you’re in the right game. Pieces and boards have real designs and real ratios.You can also use pieces of porcelain, wood, control, also reproduce a true real-world true board experience. You need to drag each piece in its new squares, and you have a lot of different settings on it.

TitanThe second of ChanceChess is still a pleasure, even though it has been years since the launch. Many have gone through great times when they disappeared from the latest version of Windows. Fortunately, the fate offers you a second chance.


The brains behind this new operation. Not so shabby if I do say so myself.